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Well it's been an interesting 24 hours.

Last night was a Euromillions rollover so I bought a ticket, changing a couple of the numbers from the ones I've not won with for ages. Guess which numbers came up? Yep, those I'd taken out. It's only £7 I've missed out on but it's still annoying. ( Tonight is a rollover in the main draw and I'm using the normal numbers. Guess which ones I think will come up? )

Went to the gym this morning and I'm now even more convinced that valkyrieblue has relatives over here. Why? Because there's someone who shows up at the gym on Saturday mornings who looks very like her! Same hair, same stunning figure. The only differences are that the woman over here looks to be shorter and has has two awkward lumps on her left hand. ( Engagement and wedding rings. :-) )

Of couse I also don't know if she has the same fun personality as valkyrieblue or if she uses her brain as much.

Rest of the day was spent getting rained on and blown about while taking gran shopping. I ended up with some new brown slip-on shoes for the US trip. ( The security checks now require you to have your shoes go through the X-ray scanner while you walk through the metal detector. )

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