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I give up!

Wanted to give someone a surprise on Wednesday so was going to drop off a card where she works. Unsigned of course.

So what happens. Firstly I end up with a typo ( correctable luckily ) in the comment I added to the front of the card. Then when trying to clean off some loose glitter I end up smearing that text as the ink hadn't dried. :-((

Is someone / something trying to tell me that trying to become more than a friend isn't a good idea?

Actually, it was a bit cheeky as while she has no rings on I haven't got to the stage of finding out if she's looking for someone. ( We only see each other once a week and haven't really had chance to talk. ) I was going to write on the envelope that she should only open it if single.

Anyway, looks like I'm going to have to carry on looking at the gym.

( BTW, she's not an LJer as far as I know. )
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