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Things that go bump in the morning

Been to the garage for an estimate. New bumper, trims, number plate, etc only required. About £700. See what the insurance says. Mind you, a mate of mums reckons it will be about £3000 just for the bonnet damage on the Merc coupe! It appears the problem for him was a steel beam that protects the back of a 307. The guy at the garage seemed to expect the amount of damage to the other car.

  • Let's see if this works!

    Been going back through LJ posts and, as it's now 10 years and a few days since I got a permanent account, I thought I'd try the iOS app.

  • (no subject)

    About to head off to the festival at Reading. Should be fun in all the rain!

  • (no subject)

    Well, that's the work / life disconnect completed. All work bozos off FB and Twitter. ( I think there may be one left on here but I can't be arsed…

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