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Home of the terminally single
Canal pics
I've done another LJ gallery. This time it's the Working Party pics from today. The following is a sample. Click on it then on the 'Up' option to see them all.

Also, while we're talking about canals, the following information may be of some use.

Between the 24th and 30th of this month I'm on a boat going from Tamworth to the end of the Ashby canal and back.

On the August Bank Holiday weekend I'll be in St Ives at the National Waterways Festival helping on the Lancaster Canal Trust stand. If Buxton is picked for the get together and they allow day visitors I may pop in on the way down. Not votinmg as I'm not going to make it and voting for Buxton just so I could pop-in wouldn't be fair.

( BTW, I'm not doing the jamboree as I can't afford it. Saving for the posher DWCon08 hotel and this years cruise will take up too much money. )

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