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Balance of probability

OK this is something I found wierd but afew of my friends think is just an effect of probability.

The picture in the icon is from 'Miss Potter', the DVD of which is on it's way as I speak.
( The 'Hogfather' DVD is keeping it company. :-)) )

One of the guys at work asked what I'd be doing this weekend and I said that aprt from driving for my brother I'd be watching a young lady on DVD.

I then remembered that while she's younger than me, anyone over ten years older than my mate ( who's 25 ) is automatically ancient, so I went to look up her age on IMDB.

While there I spotted that someone called Gina Torres had exactly the same birthdate ( 25/04/1969 ) and the name seemed to ring a bell.

Anyway I started scanning Ginas entry. There's lots of stuff I've not seen, but I spotted an entry for 'Serenity' and went 'Uh oh!' Bit further down was one for 'Firefly', at which point the reaction was 'Bloody hell, it's Zoe!'.

So what's the chance of two actresses I like not only sharing a birthday ( in the usual fashion of day/month ) but actually being born on the same day?

BTW, they also share their bithday with Johan Cruyff, Björn Ulvaeus, Tony Christie, Al Pacino, Fiona Bruce and the official 'birthday' of the name given by directors who disown their films for any reason which is 'Alan Smithee'

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