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I wonder what they saw?

Been scanned. They did use a radio-opaque dye, but the doc this time made a better job of it ( last time the first injection went into the muscle not the vein! ).

They took 3 scans running from my lower chest down to just above my knees. One with no dye, one as the dye went in and one 10 mins later after the kidneys have started filtering it out.

One of the guys at work keeps saying it was radio-active dye and keeps telling me to keep away! :-)

I was also able to point out to one or two of the younger guys at work that the scan found no brain tissue in the area scanned and so I must keep all my brains in my head rather than where they seem to keep some of theirs! They were not amused! :-)

One hint for any bloke heading for this sort of scan. Shave the back of your hands as the pain from pulling hairs out when taking off the plaster was much worse than the canulla going in!!

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