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Definatly an interesting weekend

Having been away for the weekend, therefore missing that two of my friends were having problems, ( Hugs to both of you. ) I thought I ought to let folk know what I've been doing.

I now have 3 bits of paper that say 'When on a canal restoration work site you can operate the following :-
Goods vehicle upto 3.5 tons ( aka Crew bus with cargo compartment )
Rigid or articulated dumper upto 7 tons
360 degree tracked excavator upto 7 tons ( aka mini-digger )'

These aren't professional qualifications but they do mean that I've been tested and found safe and competent by the Waterways Restoration Group instructors.

I also did a quick course of surveying levels.

I actully surprised myself and some others by getting the digger pass in one 90 minute session!

One part of the test involves getting the hydraulic rams on three parts of the digger arm to move at once in different directions!!


I should also have been doing chipper training, but that was a full day course and they only had 4 places so gave the Forestry group preference.

Talking it over with other members of the group I'm in we appear to have enough folk chipper trained as another of our group did get trained this weekend. This means I probably wont bother doing it.

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