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Wot I did in Brum

Had fun!

What's that?

You want a proper Con report?

OK. Here it is.

Thursday was spent getting to the Con. This took longer than I hoped due to traffic and having to call in various shops for bits for Walk the Walk as the equipment from last time wasn't kept as no one knew if it would be done again. ( The stuff I made this time is now in store for 2010! ). Ended up in a pub quiz team that did quite well.

I registered and then worked on props. Saw the opening ceremony and eventually ended up in the bar. Went over to talk to Mr Briggs. At this point I should mention that 2 years ago something happened that involved a cuddly rabbit, Mr Briggs and Tina Hannan, the result of which was that I ended up paying him lots of guild tokens as a ransom for said toy. As I went over my thought was 'He'll have forgotten that.' which was shown to be incorrect by a greeting of 'Have you brought any cuddly toys?'. Later a nice young lady joined us who turned out to be Esther who did some sketches for the 'Read Me'. She kindly signed my copy at one point. Bed happened at about 3.30am

Managed to wake up with my alarm and finished the props then stood around getting more nervous until it was time for Walk the Walk. It actually went quite well although the comedy gloves suffered a bit. About 15 teams and a good audience. It appears I should have gone to 'Disk is your World' as the rocketry at CCDE was mentioned. I eventually ended up at the Maskerade via the Weapons Photoshoot and then tried the Hedgehog Party but found it a bit noisy so retired to the bar. Attached myself to SB again and had a good time finding out that Esther has a wicked sense of humour as well as being attractive and talented. Bed about 3.30 again.

Found that PDA works better as an alarm if the volume is turned back up once the Maskerade is finished! Woke up 10 mins before Buckle a Swash ( 9:50 )which was annoying as I'd promised to lend someone something for the Church of Om service at 9am. :-( I went to the Stephen Briggs Masterclass and then for dinner so I missed the Auction and viewing. Another mistake as some stamps I'd sent up in a rocket for Bernard were auctioned. Went to Meet the Crew then got changed. The Pre-Dinner Cocktails resulted in my biggest annoyance of the Con as I had real problems with my camera and a shot I took of Joann, Esther and Mr Briggs has come out really blurred. Ended up in the bar until 5:30 this time so I heard the comment Terry made about Drumknott and the Patrician caused by Esther dressing as a 'Girly Girl'. Things went a bit haywire at about 4am as my nemesis ( Jenny ) had turned up and proceeded to make me turn bright red. ( Bread was requested so that toast could be made using the heat of my face. ) It was at this point that it was decided that rather than being Jennys apprentice Esther could teach her a thing or two.

Went to Meet the Mob and the Closing Ceremony. I'd been asked to look after some stuff at the Dead Monkey Party. This escalated through being asked to run Walk the Walk there to me having the room key and in effect running the party! Someone responsible finally appeared and I managed to get to bed at just after midnight.

Had to come home. :-( It was fun walking around the hotel trying work out who people were when they were wearing 'proper' clothes.

Volunteered again for WtW in 2010, but this time I should be able to get to more on the Thursday and Friday as I wont have to make the props.

Great Con just wish I was 20 years younger so I could cope with the late nights.

No photos worth putting up due to camera problems.

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