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Heads up for those in Lincolnshire and technogeeks

It appears that a planning application is in the works to reduce the height of the Belmont transmitter mast in Lincolnshire by about 10%. At present this is the tallest mast in the EU and according to Wikipedia is the tallest structure of its type ( guyed tubular steel mast ) in the world!

the application was lodged on the 29th of August ( with a 18th October cutoff ) but they kept it quiet as the local media were unaware of the plan until my brother let them know today ( Monday ).

Under the cut is the e-mail I sent to English Heritage pointing out that the mast is a good candidate for listing. One advantage of being a member. :-)

I don't know if you are aware of this but it was brought to my attention by a family member in the message quoted here :-

'Plans have been submitted to ELDC ( East Linsey District Council ), by the operator of Belmont transmitter, which would result in 120 feet being chopped off the top of the mast.

Removing the distinctive white shrouding and underlying aerial structure, as part of the move to digital, would see the 43 year old landmark shrink to be smaller than a dozen other European towers and masts. It would not even retain the dignity of being highest in the UK.
The Torreta de Guardamar (Alicante, Spain) and Skelton (Penrith, Cumberland) would take the respective honours for the EU & UK.

This Lincolnshire icon has held the record as the tallest structure within the bounds of the current EU for 26 years of its life, only being surpassed between 1974 & 1991 by the World's tallest mast which stood for 17 years near Warsaw before collapsing. Within the EEC, EC & EU
boundaries as they progressively expanded, it has NEVER been surpassed since we joined the (then) Common Market.'

The following is a quote from one of your documents covering the criteria for listing buildings :-

'Secondly, there are the structures erected to radiate broadcasts (transmission masts), which may occasionally have specialist engineering interest.'

Given that the Belmont transmitter is a guyed tubular steel mast and its 'twin' at Emley Moor was replaced by a concrete structure I assume that it will have specialist engineering interest, especially as there is evidence that it is the tallest structure of this type in the world.

It appears that the cut-off date for objections is October 18th and the application reference number is N/164/02625/08

The application was lodged on the 29th of August but the local media seemed unaware of it until they were told by the member of my family today 6/10/08!

The address of the mast is given as :-


N G R = TF 2182 8366


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