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I assume some of you may be tapig Strictly so I'll put this under a cut.

Given what's happened, I think it's a waste of valuable tape, but never mind.

I really do feel like getting in touch with Lisa Snowden and pointing out that she'd do better in the Us or somewhere as the moronic great british public have just shown they don't deserve her!

I did think at first that it was the additon of the points from last week that caused the problem, but thinking about it they didn't.

After the dances it was Lisa ( who got 40 on both dances ) on 3, Rachel ( who had 39 and 40 ) on 2 and Tom ( who was about 10 points adrift ) on 1.

They then added last weeks judge & public points and reallocated the 3, 2, 1 based on that total.

Because Lisa didn't do quite so well last week it ended up with her and Rachel on 3 and Tom on 1 again! Tess Daly did comment on that.

The public vote must have given the following points Tom 3, Rachel 2 and Lisa 1!!

As Lisa and Tom had a total of 4 each the public vote counted and Lisa was out.

( If Tom hadn't get 3 he'd have been out and if Lisa had been above Rachel, with Tom first, Rachel would have gone. Also if only this weeks judges points had been used they would all have been on 4 points and Lisa would still have gone. )

Oh well, at least it confirms my view that not only has the concept of personal responsibilty gone but so has the concept of getting positions based on merit.


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