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Home of the terminally single
Having a good Christmas so far.

Gran is better than she's been for ages!

Got two bits of shiny for Christmas.

New 20" widescreen monitor in the sales.

New TomTom satnav.

TomTom aren't doing software for PDAs now so what's on my XDA wont be upgraded and wont use the newest maps.

Talking on a Satnav forum I was told look around for the older models that have just been superseded. I found a brand new old model in Argos for £150 under list price and used the latest map and software guarantee to get it upto current spec. ( The hardware on the new models is the same! )

Obligatory grumpy bits :-

A good friend is having a do tonight and I'm 70 miles / 1h 15m away. :-(

I thought of something to ask the clever folk on here last night and having slept the thought has gone away. :-((

Current Mood: tired tired

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