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I wasn't going to post this but, seeing the support call that the very competent sessifet25 had to handle, I just had to share what happens when the roles are reversed and you have a sensible customer and a dumb-ass support person. ( Don't worry, I know all of you on my friends list who do support are competent. :-) )

Ordered an upgrade of video editing software from Pinnacle. On checking the site to see the state of my order I noticed an offer on the front page that gave you about £100 of extras free if you bought the upgrade ( no mention of on the main e-store page ).

I thought I'd enquire if I could get the offer, expecting to be told that my order had gone in just before it started or something.

Instead I get a response saying 'We have no offers on at present'.


So I replied wityh full details of the link on the front page and what is added to your shopping cart when you click it.

Got a reply tonight giving the shipping date of my upgrade!

At which point you feel like replying :-
'No, you dumbass person. I don't need the status of my order as I have the flaming DVD by my side!'

Oh and one other thing. If you order the upgrade get the download option with backup DVD, because if you order the boxed version you can't download the software!

PS Well done to ITV. It takes real skill to cut away to adverts 2 mins from the end of extra time so you miss the only goal of the match!

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