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Deded by the Wii Fit

Hmm, stealth exercises. Well that's what the stuff on the Wii Fit feels like. You don't realise you've been exercising until the stiffness sets in.

BTW, miss_next has pointed me at a startup social networking site. You get shares in the firm if you join and if other people join using your refferal ID you get more shares.


  • Let's see if this works!

    Been going back through LJ posts and, as it's now 10 years and a few days since I got a permanent account, I thought I'd try the iOS app.

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    About to head off to the festival at Reading. Should be fun in all the rain!

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    Well, that's the work / life disconnect completed. All work bozos off FB and Twitter. ( I think there may be one left on here but I can't be arsed…

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