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Interesting Sunday

Should be interesting on Sunday as I'm going to Bruntingthorpe near Leicester ( 7 miles or so south of there ).

There will be Cold War Jets including a Lightning and Buccaneer doing fast taxy runs ( with re-heat if possible on the Lightning ) and the hanger will be open for people to look around Vulcan XH558 as it undergoes servicing for this years display season.

  • Let's see if this works!

    Been going back through LJ posts and, as it's now 10 years and a few days since I got a permanent account, I thought I'd try the iOS app.

  • (no subject)

    About to head off to the festival at Reading. Should be fun in all the rain!

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    Well, that's the work / life disconnect completed. All work bozos off FB and Twitter. ( I think there may be one left on here but I can't be arsed…

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