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Home of the terminally single
( Two entries in one day? Wow! )

Interesting flight home.

Clear all the way across France then cloudy as we got to the Channel.

Gap over Dover, gap over Isle of Sheppy.

When the clouds finally cleared I went into 'Spot the town' mode.

Eventually, at about 5.45, I saw an old airfield I recognised. the thought prcess went as follows :-

'If that is X, then that city must be Y and the village just down there is where ciciaye lives!'

Don't think the plane caused a disturbance as we were still well above 20,000 ft. :-)

Current Mood: amused amused

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kaiserdad From: kaiserdad Date: June 24th, 2009 10:56 pm (UTC) (Link)
Had your head in the clouds as usual!
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