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Home of the terminally single
Back from canal show.

Somewhat embarassing when there's a rather large picture of you on a poster advertising WRG stuck on the side of one of the WRG vans.

I'm also in a photo taken at the WRG Training Weekend that's in the latest magazine of the canal restoration society that are working on the canal where we train. ( Lichfield and Hatherton )

Anyway, next year instead of 2 days helping mum and dad with the LCT stand I'll be there for a week or so with the WRG camp that sets up the event. Should be hard work but fun.

BTW, I've now got my own gallery up and running at http://www.pendlesider.me.uk/coppermine/index.php so new photos will appear there in future instead of on Flickr and LJ Scrapbook.

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