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Went on the boat yesterday, carried 81 people in 8 trips ( 7 normal + 1 special ) and raised over 100GBP for trust funds. Given we can only carry 12 at once ( all children count as 1 person ) an average of 10 per trip wasn't bad.

The most interesting part was when a young boy ( 18 months or so old ) decide to liven things up by throwing his sandal in the canal! Anyway, a quick conversation with the person steering and we were able to recover it on the way back.

Two not so nice things.

Firstly I had a sudden hay-fever attack when the wind picked up. I think the pollen must have been collecting round the flowers due to the still air and came down in a lump as the wind picked up. ( I'm now fairly certain that this was happened last week and it wasn't a cold at all. )

Secondly forgetting to put sun screen and hat on. Now got red arms and a very red neck! :-((

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