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Hmm, that was interesting. Thought I had WRGies and Vulcan supporters as friends on here. Nope they are all on Facebook. At least I don't have to explain who the_hunter is. :-)

Why does he get mentioned?

Well, as you know, he has interesting mornings while I don't. :-(

This morning was different though.

Having run the gauntlet to Blackburn on the M65.

Where one guy started pulling out without looking, swerved and hit the brakes when he saw me ( he didn't need to as I was already braking ) and then proceded to give me the finger. Boggle!

Also had an artic suddenly realise he was heading onto a slip road and dive over the chevrons about 10 yards from the start of the barrier!

Anyway, gets into work and mate says 'You have to be nice to me, I have a present for you'. Said mate being a bit of a prankster I wondered what it was.

Turns out that, knowing I'm a fan of Miranda Hart, he'd got me a signed photo of her!

He actually rendered me speechless for a couple of minutes!

It's a nice picture, the down side was that I did have to be nice to him all day.

UPDATE :- Just spotted that Miranda ( the series ) is being re-run on BBC2 on Tuesdays at 10pm starting next week ( 29th )!

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