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Home of the terminally single
Ruddy spammers!
Got a text earlier on that said something like 'A person you know has a secret crush on you!' ( Well, it could happen! :-) )

I thoght it was someone having a laugh so scrolled down to the senders details, turned out to be a firm trying to get me to call a premium rate number! :-(

While I'm on, I was rather disappointed by the aircraft dig on C5 tonight, not only was the live bit only on right at the end of the dig, but the presenters seemed not to know the subject they were covering. I mean, while some people aren't keen on Time Team, at least Tony will explain what the item he's holding is. The woman on C5 just said 'We've found this!' in an excited voice and waved a bit of metal around with no explanation of what the hell it was!

Current Mood: grumpy grumpy

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