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Busy day!

Saturday was spent shopping and fixing shower curtains.

Yesterday involved sorting out at home then taking Granny for a country run.

So today was the day to use up all the energy saved over the rest of the weekend.

Started by going up to the Millerbeck garden railway at Staveley which is near the bottom end of Windermere. The house and railway changed hands about 3 years ago and the new owner has really improved things as the total line length is about a mile and you get a 10-15 minute ride that loops back and forth to cover nearly all of the track. ( You re-cover some sections of the first loop during the second as these transfer you between the various parts of the second loop. ) Great fun as there were five trains running and the interleaving of routes meant our train passed all of the others at some point.

Rang mum and dad and they came up with some friends so I had to stay later than I first intended.

After that spent half-an-hour at the NT palce at the bottom of Windermere.

Left there to run down to Liverpool for the finale.

The QE2 had been visiting and left at around 7pm, I originally thought about trying to get on one of the ferries that were accompaning her out into the estury ( QE2 is on her way to Ireland ) but ended up on the side of the road just north of Pier Head. Lots of folk there and plenty on the ferries as well.

The best bit was the siren, it doesn't seem that loud when you hear it on TV, but when you hear it for real! :-)

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