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Home of the terminally single
I followed a link from aquarionics and ended up browsing the site.

During this I clicked on a duff link and got the 404 page.

I then spent some time reading the scrolling message.

All of it!

I don't know who stranger, me for reading it all or him for creating it! :-)

As you can see, not much is happening at present, although it was nice to find two illustrations from the 1st edition of 'the Crapet People' reproduced in the latest newsletter from Noreascon 4. ( Terry is a GOH. )

Yes, I did reckon to spell-check before posting. Shame I didn't see the wonderous tyop until it was sent! ( I know I can use this edit to change it, but why be boring and safe! :-)) )

Current Mood: weird weird

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