November 16th, 2003



This goes back a while.

It is reported ( how reliably I don't know ) that at one point a certain author made a comment about 'Those Sad Bastards On AFP', giving rise to the acronym TSBOAFP.

This can be represented by a registration of T850 AFP.

I thought it would be fun to get this, but my car at the time was an R reg and you can't get a personal plate that makes your car look newer.

I have now swapped to an X reg. A T plate can be fitted!

A check on the DVLA website revealed that this number is not one of those that they do ( only certain combinations of digits are done ).

Quick check of one registration supplier showed no match. :-(

However, RAC members can get a check done to see how many previous owners a car they want to buy has had. This is also a quick way of checking if a registration has been issued.

I now know what the registration is on. Next comes finding if the owner wants to sell it on, and more important, where can I get enough money to afford the plate and the transfer fee! :-((
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