August 6th, 2004


Busy, busy, busy!

OK, so it's been a long time since the last entry, but that's because I have a fairly boring life.

However, that is going to change for a while.

7.15am tomorrow I leave the bus station on a 9 day coach holiday around Europe, going as far east as Poland!

Get back from that Sunday the 15th.

16th, day off to recover.

17th to 19th, back at work. :-((

20th to 24th at DW Con. Yay!!

25th to 27th, work. :-((

28th, possible party!

29th, possible boat trip!

30th, Bank Holiday.

31st on, back to boring routine. :-(

I'm taking the mobile and iPaq so may post from abroad again ( especially if I can get the loan of a wi-fi card from a hotel with a hotspot! )
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