October 4th, 2004

New hair-do

Not so wonderful weekend and other things

Got home late last night as upgrading mums PC took longer than we expected. :-(

Anyway, she now has double the memory, 4 times the disc space and a network card ready for when we can connect the ADSL router to the phone line ( exchange goes live 3/11 ), shame the new video card didn't work.

One thing I've forgot to mention so far in my comments about the DW Almanak is that it appears from the text that one of the Mr P's is not very keen on leeks. Unfortunately it not clear which one or why.

There now follows a public warning. :-)

I will be at the following meets :-

Manchester 9th Oct
Green Man 30th Oct
Hogswatch ( Wincanton ) 11th Dec

Edit: Why didn't I spot 3 blatent typos in there until after I'd sent it? :-(
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