November 7th, 2004


Fred Dibnah RIP

Why another obit post?

Because, while I never had the honour of meeting Fred, I did meet one of his kids.

This was during the celebrations staged by Isle of Man Railways covering the 125th anniversary of the steam line. While I was over there I was lucky enough to be invited to help run a minature railway at an animal park. One of the others there was a young lad called Jack ( who turned out to be Freds son from his second marriage ). While filling the boiler of one of the engines, Jack decided it would be more interesting to point the hosepipe at me rather than the filler pipe of the water tank! I got rather wet! :-))

You can understand why my thoughts and condolences are with Jack and the rest of Freds family at this time.
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Busy, busy, busy!

Back from mums after a good day of work on her PC.

Changed the video card for one with a DVI output ( to go with her DVI-enabled monitor ), I now get a newish video card that's way better than the ATI one I have at present.

Tried the ADSL router and got a signal ( 5 days before the offical start of service on her line ).

Transfered her Demon account to ADSL.

Upgraded her copy of Netscape ( 21Mb in 6 min compared to 4Mb in 20 min on dial_up! :-) ).

Redistributed the space between various partitions on the hard disk ( lots more room on C: now ).

What else did I do?

Oh yeah, I pointed her at some 'Ooh-Shiney!' bead stuff on ebay. I'm not promising anything, but ... :-))
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