November 13th, 2005



Good day today.

Took Gran to see 'Wererabbit' at Trafford. ( Wanted to do some shopping after. )

First time she'd been to the cinema for years and first visit to Pizza Hut ( where I over ordered :-( ).

She really enjoyed it as I booked a wheelchair space in the cinema so she rode round all day.

BTW, the guy playing the shepeard on Firefly ( Ron Glass ) looked familiar so checked on IMDB.

He was in 'Barney Miller' which I saw a few episodes of.

But where I must have remembered him from was 'I of Newton' a Twilight Zone episode from the mid-eighties which I somehow got on tape.

The best bit is where the devil ( played by Ron Glass! ) appears with a different slogan about hell on his t-shirt in each shot!
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