May 2nd, 2006

New hair-do

I've been inducted ...

... and I never felt a thing! :-)

Been given training on the gym equipment and a basic training schedule.

Should be something I can keep up.

It appears that to be the optimum weight for my height I should be a stone lighter, but that should come off with the exercise.
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New hair-do

Gym stuff

Just an update on the training plan.

BTW, as I've only been once the exercise names may be a touch inaccurate! :-)

Starts with 5 mins on exercise bike as a warm-up.

Then do the following ( in any order depending on which machines are free ).

3 reps of 12 reverse leg curls ( face down on bench and lift weights by bending knees )

3 reps of 12 forward leg lifts ( sat down, lift weights by straightening legs )

3 reps of 12 situps ( tried using ab-roller but didn't work as wanted so this is done by balencing on a big ball and pulling up. This looks very odd, but it works. )

3 reps of 12 lifting weights by pulling down on bar while sat down ( can't remember what he called this )

3 reps of 12 lifting weights by pushing bar forward with arms while sat down ( again, I can't remember what this is called )

Finish with 10 min on treadmill ( with increasing slope and speed ) followed by cool-down also on treadmill.

Lovely changing rooms and showers ( open and cubicles ), also the swimming pool is only 4 foot deep so this may get tried even though I can't swim. :-)

Serious amounts of equipment there including some step machines that look like cut down escalators!
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