January 20th, 2009


New internet

Sorted. Download about 3 times faster, upload currently also about 3 times faster but should go up to 5 times faster than before when things settle down.

It didn't quite work on the auto setup. I think that's because you have to wait about half an hour after taking the old modem off for the system at the other end to 'forget' it's settings. I should have taken the old modem off when I went to work this morning.
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New hair-do

That was quick

pendlesider.demon.co.uk no longer exists. I thought I'd have to get in touch with Demon to shut it down, but the Demon mail server says it's not a valid anme and the web page can't be found.

Now all I have to do is finally track down the companies that have the old address that I still want e-mails from. I think I've done the important ones already.

Must check if the LJ mail relay is set up properly.
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