January 31st, 2009

New hair-do

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Washed my hair today, well different from before. Quick rub down with a towel and about 2 mins stood under the fan heater in the bathroom and it was dry! :-)

I will get pics up, it's just that as I used to have my hair combed to one side it doesn't look that different from the front. Will have to experiment with the good camera on the tripod and the self-timer.

Not so good news is the XDA. I had a problem before with it turning off even though the battery was at 60% plus. We thought it was the batteries internal protection circuit kicking in as one section was not working correctly. Replaced the battery and it was OK. It's now doing it again. :-(

Looks like I'll be replacing the phone as it may be the charging circuit that eventually stuffs the batteries.

( Just googled while writing this and the dates are about right for the average expected age of an XDA battery! )

Dunno how easy it will be to get a phone as I want the following :-

Biggish screen as read e-books on it.
OS that e-book reader will run on.
Decent sized QWERTY keyboard.
Usable as Bluetooth modem by SatNav ( hopefully without having to be on all the time like the XDA )
Quad-band so I can carry on with my 3G sim.

( I'll edit this as I find things )

Finally something from the celebrity Millionaire tonight. I'll put it under a cut as some of you may want to watch the repeat that's on one day next week.

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Edit: Loooking at O2 XDA Serra
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