February 15th, 2009

New hair-do

Hamster show

The Hamster off Top Gear was also presenting the programme immediately following TG tonight.

He was talking about the technology in the Airbus A380 and where it came from.

He got to play with the 'bird-gun'.

He also did an experiment with 100 bicycle pumps filled with water.

Having filled them with water and inverted them he was then surprised that they started to leak water!

Maybe someone should have pointed out that bicycle pumps don't have an O-ring type seal but instead have a sort of flap valve round the plunger to allow air in on the out stroke. This wont make a good seal until there is more pressure on it than just a small column of water.

They showed a closeup of the pump plungers out of the tube so why didn't they notice?
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