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Weekend? What weekend?

Been a fun weekend. ( For various values of fun. )

Was going down to the Manc meet on Saturday and thought I'd call in at a PC shop on the way. Before leaving home I tried to order on-line for collection at the shop. Pc going slower than a tortise on tranquilisers. Checked LAN using wi-fi to iPaq. Going like a hare on speed! Fine. That means it's a network config problem on the PC. Reinstall network. Try site and find it's faster. Yay!

Try to order and find that instead of just printing out order confirmation page and taking that you have to wait for a confirmation e-mail from them ( probably sent once order has been picked in warehouse ). Realise that if I wait for e-mail I wont make closing time of shop. Bum!

Came back home this afternoon ( after getting severe wind-chill at the airport viewing park ) to carry on fixing new heater in bathroom.

A word of advice. Do not attempt to wire up a cable exit plate that is 9 foot up while standing on a chair!

Anyway, the heater is working and I'm now sitting on my bed with a streaming nose. Dunno if it's due to a cold from the airport adventure or dust allergy from the re-wiring. :-((

Anyway the Mancmeet was good fun as usual, so the weekend was actually pretty good.

Roll on Green Man on the 30th. :-)

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