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Nicked from ciciaye ( including some replies where I agree and she has put it much better than I could! )

Number One: Bats in the Belfry

Okay, no ‘what is your full name’ B.S., what do YOU like to be called? List as many as you want: Martyn, Mart.

Age (birth date and sign optional): 44, 12th Sept., Virgo

Where do you live? (If you hate it, where would you LIKE to live?): Pendle Witch Country

What do you do? Work/school/bum: Software Engineer

Number Two: Skeletons in the Closet

Have you ever been arrested? No, but have been stopped for speeding.

Do you drink and/or do illegal drugs? (If not now, have you in the past?): I only drink once in a blue moon, and I don't do drugs

How many people have you had sexual intercourse with? (All those that do not answer honestly will die): Those who have known me more than 10 minutes have guessed or been told. For the rest of you the answer is zero.

Worst thing you have done to another human being: Pushed too far in a relationship. ( This was quite a few years back. )

Can you honestly say you hate someone, in every sense of the word: Don't think so.

Number Three: Monsters under your Bed

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife: No

Are you in love: I'm not sure.

If you are single, is it by choice and if you are in a relationship, do you wish you were single: Single, not by choice.

One word that describes the object of your affection/crush/etc. (if you don't have one skip it): Interesting.

Have you ever been involved sexually with someone of the same sex: No

Number Four: Cobwebs in the Attic

Is there a significant other from your past you wish you could have back? Explain: None, see above.

How many friends from your childhood (13 yrs and younger) do you still have in your life: None, only relatives.

A moment from your past you'd like to relive (go back as far as you want or as soon as you want):

A memory you'd like to forget: What I saw when they took my vest off after I got scalded aged 4 or so.

Pick an age you'd like to go back to: Late teen, but living in a town so I could pick up relationship skills this time!

Number Five: Spiders in your Hair

Your current annoyance: Not being able to answer some of these question how I would like to because I'm crap at putting thoughts into print and I'm also afraid of upsetting close friends by saying the wrong thing. :-((

Skipping the rest of this section as I don't like confrontation and certainly wouldn't tell everyone who I've fallen out with!

Who was the last person who made you cry:

Who was the last person you got into an argument with:

Who is number one on your shit list:

Number Six: Sweets in your Bag

Your all-time favourite food(s): Mushrooms, cheese,chocolate, sausages, pasta, Jager Schnitzel

Favourite hang-out: Don't get out much

Favourite bands: ELO, Fleetwood Mac.

Favourite movies: Galaxy Quest, Star Wars, Ealing Comedies

Favourite things to do in times of boredom? Read, go on-line ( ain't ADSL great! :-) )

Number Seven: Vampires at the Ball

Best concert you've ever been to: Monsters of Rock, Donnington Park in ( I think ) '84.

Best kisser: The best kiss I've ever had was front someone called Janet, on a summer holiday to Austria in the 80's.

Best decision you've made recently: Changing travel plans so I can call in to see drowned_sorrow on my way home from a do in Wincanton!

Best time of the year: Probably winter with deep snow so I can curl up in front of the fire with good book rather than going to work! :-)

Best friend(s): ciciaye and drowned_sorrow ( I'm not good at making friends )

Number Eight: Last Nail in your Coffin

Christmas or Halloween: Christmas, as Halloween is spoiled these days by kids doing 'Trick or Treat' instead of 'Penny for the Guy'!

Day or night: Night person. ( Note time of posting! :-)) )

Ocean or mountains: Mountains.

Piano or violin: Either.

Cats or dogs: Cats!

Number Nine: Ghosts in the Cellar

Your funniest friend: Most of them!

Your most artistic friend: ciciaye is a writer and stuflyer is a model maker by trade. There are a lot of artistic people amongst my friends.

Your most unusual friend: Everyone's unusual, aren't they? ( Hear! Hear! )

Your friend that is MOST in your thoughts lately: ciciaye and drowned_sorrow

Your friend that you are attracted to (doesn't mean you wanna marry em’!): Can I plead the 5th?

Number Ten: Fog in the Cemetery

Where would you like to see yourself in ten years: In a relationship ( not necessarily married though! )

Who would you like in your life still in ten years: Gran, parents, brother, mates from here and afp.

This time next year what do you think will be different about your life: No much :-(

What is something you'd like to change about you or your life before the year ends: To avoid costing my friends on dial-up too much, I'll leave this one!

Number Eleven: Screams in the Dark

Do you have any clinical/medical disorders: Asthma, horseshoe kidney!

Have you ever been to a therapist: No

Worst habit: I think most people would say I talk too much!

Scariest scenario while sitting at home alone, around midnight, during a thunderstorm: Lightning hitting house!

Have you ever been stalked: No

Number Twelve: A Black Cat Crossing Your Path

Do you have any superstitions: No

List some things that scare you: Failure of any kind.

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one: No.

What about aliens, believe in them/any UFO sightings: Aliens, yes as we can't be the only intelligent life around. UFO's, no as anyone from another planet will want to make open contact!

Do you check the back-seat when you get in your car: Yeah, to see what junk has landed on it! :-)

Lucky 13: Happy Halloween

What will you be for Hallowe'en this year: Myself.

What will you be doing for Hallowe'en this year: Going to Halloween Meet at the Green Man (although that's on the 30th)

What costumes have you worn in the past: Vampire at Discworld convention ( this may reappear at Wincanton! ), Virgin sacrifice stuff at CCDE. If the question is Halloween only, then none.

Ever done anything really scary on Hallowe'en or had something spooky happen: No.

Have any favourite popular ghost stories or urban legends: No.


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