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[ Copied to afp and LJ, as not everyone I know is on both ]

Just to let folk know that my attendance at the GM meet is up in the air at present because I've just had a very interesting 24 hours! :-(

I had a bit of back pain yesterday and thought I'd maybe pulled a muscle slightly. Anyway, at about half-past eight it started getting much worse and by 9 o'clock I'd been carted off to A&E by ambulance!

It felt like the pain I had with the kidney stone, but the doc reckons it's an infection so they discharged me, but I'm on antibiotics, pain-killers, the lot! :-)

I'm at mum's at present and will probably get home on Sat., so I'll be going to the docs for a check on Monday and will find out if I'm fit to drive down. If not I may be having a very relaxing week on a narrow boat!

Will post an update when I know the score.
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