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Home of the terminally single
Busy, busy, busy!
Back from mums after a good day of work on her PC.

Changed the video card for one with a DVI output ( to go with her DVI-enabled monitor ), I now get a newish video card that's way better than the ATI one I have at present.

Tried the ADSL router and got a signal ( 5 days before the offical start of service on her line ).

Transfered her Demon account to ADSL.

Upgraded her copy of Netscape ( 21Mb in 6 min compared to 4Mb in 20 min on dial_up! :-) ).

Redistributed the space between various partitions on the hard disk ( lots more room on C: now ).

What else did I do?

Oh yeah, I pointed her at some 'Ooh-Shiney!' bead stuff on ebay. I'm not promising anything, but ... :-))

Current Mood: accomplished accomplished

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