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Home of the terminally single
What I did at the weekend
The weekend was fun ( eventually! ).

The trip to various places on Sunday was cut short as just after writing the entry I found that I'd misplaced something. Shot back to Wincanton and found, luckily, that the item had been picked up by members of the ConCom who were selling memberships. Unfortunately, this cost me around 3 hours extra travelling and waiting around. :-(

Managed to get to the Mary Rose though.

Sunday night I got to the hotel and found that not only did they not have wireless broadband ( must have been spoilt by visiting others hotels that do :-) ) but the PDA and new phone wouldn't pair over Bluetooth. It turns out that there has been a change to the security protocol in the new Nokia phones and an iPaq needs a patch to talk to them ( installed it yesterday and it now works ).

Monday came home and on the way managed to fit in a quick visit to ciciaye. This meant I finally got to say hello to Sacha, her beautiful cat ( last time I saw her she was asleep on the lawn and I didn't want to disturb her ). :-))

Current Mood: busy busy

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maryrcrumpton From: maryrcrumpton Date: December 15th, 2004 10:30 am (UTC) (Link)
Sounds like you had a productive few days.

Are you coming to the birthday lunch then mancmeet on Saturday? It'd save me posting your christmas pressie ;-)

Mary x
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