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Home of the terminally single
Spooky or what?
Had a pwer cut last night from 10pm to 2am.

Mobile had no signal upto midnight, then they must have got the transmitter working.

Thing is, I sent out an e-mail using GPRS on the phone just after midnight that said I was in the middle of the power cut.

How did know it was the middle at the time I sent the e-mail?

( Probably just a boring coincidence. :-( )

Current Mood: weird weird

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martinoh From: martinoh Date: December 29th, 2004 07:08 pm (UTC) (Link)
'Tis a fine example of customer services at its most perverse - having nearly completed the work on restoring your supply, the electricity distribution company intercepted your email and subsequently delayed the completion of the remaining (trivial) repair stages until your prediction had been filled, in accordance with the precept that "the customer is always right".

Why they should wait for such an occasion as this before paying any heed to this quaint old saying is another matter.
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