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Home of the terminally single
Happy New Year!
Just to wiah all my LJ friends a happy new year!

Sorry I didn't send text messages last night, but the network was jammed. :-((
( Turns out I had the wrong mobile number for hippo22 anyway, and the network block also stopped me ringing drowned_sorrow. Sorry hun! )

We had a fun night as me, mum and dad went down to Carnforth station as the Northern Belle was stopping there over midnight and the 'Friends of Carnforth Station' arranged a band and stuff. There were about 200 hundred people in evening dress on the station at on point, in the buffet, looking at the Brief Encounter exhibition and, of course, getting photographed on the ramp under that clock! :-)

Current Mood: accomplished accomplished

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From: drowned_sorrow Date: January 1st, 2005 04:46 am (UTC) (Link)
That's okay, I pretty much guessed what happened, although I did get your text!

I sent about a million texts at Midnight, and apparantly people didn't get them til about 3am...
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