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Question for you lot.

Ok, this isn't a 'look how good I've been' entry. It's actually a serious question.

I'm a member of the Priority Club reward scheme run by Intercontinental Hotels.

They have been doing a donate points to charity thing for a while now.

They have added an option to donate to UNICEF for Tsunami relief, with a pledge to match donations.

I have ended up with a lot more points than I expected from recent stays. Therefore I have put in a 10000 point donation. If they do the same exchange rate as when you get points ( 1000 per $10 ) this equates to a $100 donation.

My question is. Am I too trusting in assuming that they will use the normal exchange rate?

( It appears that there are 4 of their resorts in the affected area and they say they are sending in extra food and other supplies to the 3 that came through it. The fourth was at Phuket and it looks like they are expecting heavy casualities among staff and guests there. )

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