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Interesting night - Home of the terminally single
Interesting night
Not only did Ellen Macarthur make the news but so did I!

North West Tonight wanted opinions about some odd idea a bloke in Manchester has had to 'improve' East Lancs by putting wierd sculptures on the hill tops. Anyway the responses they read out were all negative and in fact I think mine was the politest!

So, for your perusal, here it is :-

'If the NWDA want to encourage tourism they should spend the money on the local canal restoration projects that have a guarenteed return on investment rather than glorified lumps of concrete with no guarentee they will do what is wanted of them!'

The NWDA is a quango based in Manchester that is supposed to deal with things as far north as the Scottish border! They have reduced the funding for one canal scheme even though it was going to improve tourist numbers and local jobs over a 75 mile stretch of Lancs and Cumbria.

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maryrcrumpton From: maryrcrumpton Date: February 8th, 2005 01:20 am (UTC) (Link)
Good for you Martyn!

Mary x
martinoh From: martinoh Date: February 8th, 2005 05:15 am (UTC) (Link)
I wasn't impressed with the proposals either, but believe that one should always try to find some middle ground with these people.

Thus far though, the NWDA is resisting my proposal to site the stuffed and mounted corpses of its creative team on one of the more inaccessible fells as a monument to stupidity.
2 thoughts or Share your thoughts