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Yer actual serious entry!

Ok, I've just dumped the following on afp :-
CCA writes
>Andrew Irish wrote:
>> People are hiding in bunkers because 'V' day is approaching?
>That'd be it. Lots of us in here, aren't there?

Yeah well, some of us are wandering around out in the open because Feb
14th and Feb 29th are the only days we feel comfortable asking someone
we would like to be closer to emotionally if we _can_ get to be closer
to them!

BTW, commercial and media hype of the day has nothing to do with this.

I thought I'd just explain further on here ( which may be copied to afp if enough people on there want an explanation )

This isn't logical or sensible, it's just how my mind works.

I'm very scared of asking women for dates because, of course, she'll be really annoyed with me for asking.

However, Feb 14th and Feb 29th are known to be days for romance, therefore there is less chance of her being annoyed if I ask that day.
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