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Hugo awards?

( Using my LJ client so we'll see what happens! )

I really like the novel Family Bites.

As it was first published this year it is eligable for a Hugo in 2004.

The author ( Lisa Williams ) is eligable for the John Campbell award for best new writer.

I'm going to nominate her and the book!

Serious points here.

Only those who have attending or supporting membership of the 2004 Worldcon ( Noreascon Four ) can nominate or vote.

If the nomination forms are the same as those used at the 2003 Worldcon then you can nominate upto 5 items / authors in each category ( so nominating Lisa / FB wont prevent you nominating someone else or their work ).

Not sure what the rules and regs are about campagning for things, so I wont post anything else, just this note about eligability.

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