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Home of the terminally single
Interview answers. Finally!
I said these may be a while! :-)

Sorry ciciaye.

1 How did you first get into rocketry?

Seeing Adrian Hurt at CCDE ( '99 I think ). He mentioned the do a few weeks later at Largs and it went on from there!

2 What makes you happy?

Reading a good book by a brilliant author? :-))

Seriously, knowing my friends are well and happy. And avoiding arguments! ( Hence the total lack of politics etc in my journal. )

3 If you were stranded on a desert island, who's the one person you'd be really glad *wasn't* there?

Apart from politicians and journos? Dunno really as I don't hate anyone that much.

4 What's your favourite film?

Quite a few. Picking one of those at random gives 'Chicken Run'!

5 Which part of the world would you most like to visit, and why?

North Cape in Norway. I love the country but I've only done the middle bit so I'd like to see the 'Midnight Sun'.

Also I'd like to see Yellowstone before it blows up! :-))

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