MartynC (pendlemac) wrote,

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I'm getting old!

I did a Google on my name today ( to get some data to clear something up with another LJer ) and found a refernece to afp-meet in Nottingham in 1998.

This set me thinking and a further search revealed my first meet to be on 6th Nov 1996 at ppints shop and first post to be August 1996 ( from AOL!!!!! ).


Dunno about fart, but I'm certainly old! :-)

Oh and I found this sig.

Wonder if it's the same person I see around here? :-)
( No name in case it isn't, although the guilty party should remember it! )

Michelena Riosa Testosterone Brigade
(Klatchian Foreign Legeon Branch)
Lance corporal in charge of darning...darning....
oh, you know...things...feet go in 'em.......
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