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Wot I done on my holidays so far

Holiday officially started at 5pm Thursday, so where was I on Friday?

In work, swearing at software.

No problem, as the reason I took the Friday off didn't come off and I've got the day for use later in the year now.

( BTW, ciciaye I write access control and motorway incident camera control software. )

Saturday got off to a reasonable start.

Did the shopping with Gran. Booked a canal and train trip for myself and a friend. ( Just hope the boat firm don't spot it's a different female friend to the one I took there last time! Don't want a reputation, do I? :-) )

Went off shopping after dinner and bought 'Eye to the Telescope' by KT Tunstall ( 'Suddenly I See' and 'Black Horse & The Cherry Tree' ). I think it's my first chart album for 20+ years! :-))

Also got the Magic Roundabout DVD. It's great, they really have got the spirit of the original English language version complete with jokes that only the adults will get. Lots of good songs on the soundtrack as well.

Most surreal moment when watching? Joanna Lumley as Ermintrude singing along to ELOs 'Mr Blue Sky'!!!!!

Anyway got a cry for help at that point as one of mums friends lives near where I was shopping and had a PC problem.

Boy, what a problem! More spyware and trojans than OS I think. Looks like her son just installs everything he sees! May be a wipe and re-install I think. While I was there our home phone when off, so had Gran to worry about as well. Anyway it suddenly came back.

Anyway, my reward for spending 4 hours plus on the machine was getting home and finding my 2Meg regrade from Demon has happened. Yay!
( The ADSL router logs seem to show this happened around the time the phone went off. )

Anyway today is going looking for paint and stuff with Gran.

Doing bits round the house Mon - Wed.

Scotland for Rocket Week Thur to next Monday

Back at work next Wednesday. ( this is why I had to sort the software out or the testing would have been held up for a week! )

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