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Birthday thanks

Thanks to maryrcrumpton and stuflyer for my present.

One part of it was 'The Da Vinci Code' which I ended up reading all the way through in one go! :-))

Mind you, the publishers haven't helped the book by including four pages of comments at the front as my take on this is that they are hyping it cos it's crap. Luckily TDVC doesn't live down to this and is a very good book.

This is the second time you've done this. Remember the Princess Mononoke DVD we watched once that I thought would be crap and wasn't? :-))

BTW Mary, I spotted that one clue was in mirror text almost immediately! Mainly because I'm able to decode the patterns made by letters in almost any orientation. Once surprised a bloke by reading an angled display board at the NRM while standing by the top edge looking 'down' it!

It was also interesting to see that some of the complaints by the Catholics must have been due to them not actually bothering to read it all before commenting. Oh well, nothing new there I suppose. :-(


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