MartynC (pendlemac) wrote,

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Interesting times

Got home last night to find the doorbell not working.

Checked out everything and found that the bellpush was duff.

Went for a bellpush and ended up getting a wireless bell instead!

Came home to fit it.

So I ended up working on the front door and partway through someone started shouting at me for working on my own door!

This isn't as bad as it seems as he ( or she ) was stood in the middle of the pavement going 'Mowp!' :-))

Yep, a lovely little all black cat. We think it belongs to someone up the street. He/She was happy to start edging closer to me, but when I moved it moved away again. :-(

One other thing is that I'm away from home from today until late next Monday as I'm going to portsmouth and Wincanton. ( Holidays not work! )
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