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Eh? - Home of the terminally single
Needed to look something up on AOL.

Went to aol.com not aol.co.uk by mistake.

Got the error message

We apologize, AOL.com uses newer technology not fully supported by your current browser. To best enjoy our new experience, please download and install an updated browser using one of the recommended links below.

Brain went BOGGLE!

Why? Because I'm using NS 7.2. ( I think it's still set to pretend to be NS 7.0 as one website I visited got confused and didn't think 7.2 was a higher version than 7.0. Probably due to an '=' rather than a '>=' in a Javascript test. )

I did try NS 8 but got annoyed by the fact that when it was told to run without tabbed browsing, ( I'm a Luddite, OK? :-) ) it decided that system help pages etc. would appear in a tab anyway!

Current Mood: amused amused

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