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Home of the terminally single
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to one and all.

Got some interesting presents this year.

Carpe Jugulum jigsaw from mums friends ( this probaly wont be opened to keep value ).

SAS survival guide from maryrcrumpton and stuflyer. Who obviously know something I don't! :-))

Finally, mum and dads present to me was a radio-controlled model of the Peugeot 307 CC World Rally car. It's a lot harder to drive than my full size 307! ( Non-proportional control of speed and steering makes a big difference! :-) )

BTW, just to scare you lot I'm using the pic with the new glasses on this entry. Shame they don't show up very well.

Current Mood: happy happy

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artela From: artela Date: December 25th, 2005 05:51 pm (UTC) (Link)
Nice photo of you :-)
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