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Home of the terminally single
Fixed 'puter, I think.
By the end of last year I was having regular BSODs with random files shown in the error messages.

Bought 3/4 Gig of RAM to take my PC upto 1Gb from 256Mb.

Odd things happened when I tried to run with 1Gb so got fed up and dumped the old memory.

Surprise, surprise the BSODs have gone.

One program still does it though even when run as the first thing after startup, but as it always gives the same DLL as the error point I assume I had a bad install ( maybe due to the iffy memory ). Anyway I've installed an upgrade to the programm that uses that DLL ( hopefully changing the DLL as well ) and I'll try another test tomorrow.

ps Note to self :- Not everyones an old fart like you, therefore oblique references to things in ST:TOS may fall flat! :-))

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