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Male Breast Cancer

There's an article here that points out that male breast cancer is still killing more people that it should.

Here's a summary of his main points :-

Professor Ian Fentiman says around 250 men are diagnosed with the disease in the UK yearly - with 70 dying from it.

But half of male patients are not diagnosed until their cancer is very advanced, the Guy's Hospital expert writes in an article for the Lancet.

Professor Fentiman said: "If diagnosed early enough, a man with breast cancer has between 75% - 100% chance of making a full recovery, but this can drop to as low as 30% for men with very advanced disease."

He added: "The main concern is that it's just something about which most are totally ignorant.

"If we look at the length of time it takes men who find a lump to go to their GP - it's about 16 months.

"Men are just not thinking about it."

Please guys, check yourself out.

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